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We have everything you need to improve your vehicle's appearance and function. Visit our car accessory shop in Yakima, WA to get what your vehicle needs.

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Our owner worked in a body shop for years where he started customizing vehicles that came in. As the business took off, he opened Hendo's Accessories. Now in the industry for 21 years, our focus has always been on providing customers with friendly, professional services. Our knowledgeable staff will help you locate the items you're searching for and make sure you get the right size for your vehicle. Contact Hendo's Accessories today to get a free estimate on our installation services.

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Visit our car accessory shop in Yakima, WA

Are you looking to add security to your vehicle? Do you want to enhance its exterior appearance? Hendo's Accessories carries a variety of car and truck accessories, including:

Sound systems

Body modifications

Truck undercovers

We handle cars, trucks, boats and motorhomes

Our car accessory shop holds 10 vehicles, so we can provide quick, efficient service when you need it. We also have a secure bullpen for the vehicles that are waiting for installations. We'll make sure your items fit your vehicle. We have the knowledge and equipment to take care of everything from sports cars and trucks to motorhomes and boats. If you name it, we can do it. Call 509-249-8468 today to let us know what car and truck accessories you need in Yakima, WA.