Are you interested in improving the look of your vehicle?

Our friendly, professional staff is here to help you find the right items for your vehicle. We’ll help you choose items to enhance your driving experience, add security or provide more function. Some items can be installed yourself, while others will need to be completed in our car accessory shop. Visit Hendo’s Accessories today to get truck covers or LED lights for cars in Yakima, WA.

Do you want to add items that would make your life a bit easier?

Hendo’s Accessories provides an array of car and truck accessories to enhance your vehicle, including:

Car bras
Nerf bars
LED lights
Remote starters

We also carry accessories for boats and motorhomes. Our goal is to provide you with the auto customization services you need. Call 509-249-8468 today to learn more about our car and truck accessories in Yakima, WA.