Do you need something to protect your seats from pets when you’re traveling?

Hendo’s Accessories carries an array of travel covers to protect your fabric. Travel seat covers are great when you’re going long distances or also work well to protect your seats or trunk from debris, stains or fur. We’ll help you find the right size, color and style for your vehicle. Visit Hendo’s Accessories today to find the auto travel cover you need in Yakima, WA.

Keep your belongings safe in your truck bed

If you’re driving a pickup on a road trip, you want to be sure nothing flies out of the bed. Hendo’s Accessories carries a variety of undercovers to keep your belongings safe. Undercovers go on the top of your truck’s bed in order to:

Prevent anything from flying or falling out
Protect your items from weather
Add a layer of security

We have colors to match your truck and will assist you with finding the right size. Make sure your belongings are safe by getting a truck cover in Yakima, WA.