Whether you’re interested in more privacy or want to keep your interior a bit cooler, Hendo’s Accessories offers auto window tinting. We use 3M and SunTek brand tinting to reduce the sun’s effects on your vehicle’s interior. Our experienced technicians can install window tinting on:

Trucks and SUVs

We’ll cut down on the sun’s harmful rays while keeping in line with state regulations for the percentage of visible light transmission. Contact Hendo’s Accessories to get an estimate on auto window tinting in Yakima, WA.

3 lasting benefits of window tinting

Are you tired of gripping a hot steering wheel on summer days? There are numerous benefits that come with auto window tinting, including:

1. Cooling down your vehicle’s interior temperature
2. Providing an added level of privacy and security
3. Protecting your car’s fabric and leather from UV rays

We’ll talk to you about your needs and help you decide on the right level of window tinting. Visit Hendo’s Accessories today for auto customization in the Yakima, WA area.